Our Story

It started in a park...

In 2017, some Sacramento locals found incredible community when they frequented their neighborhood park where, it just so happens, some of our foreign-born and refugee neighbors spend time at daily.

As we spent time with our immigrant neighbors, we all came to realize that we had far more in common than we expected.

One of the main uniting pieces in our new friendship and community was the beautiful game: soccer. Months passed and more new friends from all around the world arrived into our rapidly changing neighborhood.

Simultaneously, more and more sport-loving American-born good neighbors showed up at the park. Before we knew it, there were two groups of boys being coached soccer several times each week and we found ourselves loving where we lived and learning much from one another.


CCA serves as a sporting platform for uniting neighbors from around the world and across the street. CCA has grown from one American family kicking a ball around with a few foreign-born boys in a park, to now multiple teams of boys' and girls' soccer in their own Carmichael club. In addition, there are boys' cricket teams, and a girls' run team, all coached by compassionate cross-culturally trained CCA coaches.

We have discovered something beautiful: as we get to know the players and their families strangers can become friends and even family.

When that happens, we experience life to the full, walls come down and loneliness is an impossibility.

People from very different backgrounds are going from feeling like they are just ‘surviving’ through this crazy life, to ‘thriving’.

This is a phrase we have heard from both volunteer coaches and the arriving community. It’s amazing how something as simple as sports can unite us and enable us to have ears, eyes and hearts wide open to one another!

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