Capital Community Athletics

Uniting neighbors from around the world and across the street

Dedicated to building lasting friendship and community by providing excellent sporting activities for our refugee and immigrant neighbors

Founded in 2020

200 Kids

We are coaching 200 kids in the Sacramento area with 100+ kids waitlisted

10 Teams

Currently we have 10 youth teams consisting of boys and girls ranging in ages from 6 to 16

60 Volunteers

We have coaches, assistant coaches, parents, neighbors, and friends volunteering.

Team Up With Us

Everyone knows athletics is a healthy outlet, but not everyone can afford to play on a team. Become a financial partner and help the 100 + kids on the waitlist be able to play.

Be these kids' biggest fan by being a volunteer coach, assistant coach, team parent!

Rally your block, community group, or family to support a team for the fall or spring season

What We Offer


Many teams, one family

CCA has several teams in different leagues based on age and skill level

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Strangers to friends to family

CCA provides training for volunteers and also does outings such as hiking, biking, and playing in the park to build relationships.

Goals for 2022

Start another two male soccer teams, (U10 and U12):

8 male coaches and funding are needed.

Start another girls soccer team (U16):

2 female coaches and funding are needed.

Continue to build our players in excellence, by increasing their athletic skills and developing their character.
Be a platform for building lasting friendship and community.
Unite neighbors from around the world and across the street.

Our Purpose

Thousands of resettled refugee and immigrant children in Sacramento face unique and pressing challenges. Many are misunderstood in their new neighborhoods and it is very difficult for these newly resettled kids to transition cultures while undergoing major stress and trauma from life threatening situations in their home countries.

CCA uses sport to create a welcoming community and place of belonging for our neighbors from around the world and across the street as we play, coach, cheer and volunteer.

Our trained coaches love these kids and are committed to seeing our neighborhoods flourish for years to come. We believe there is much to learn from these newest neighbors from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and other nations. As we unite, we will find that our sense of belonging and thriving will grow simultaneously.